Would you like to find and fix the source of your neck or back pain so you can live a healthier, happier life?

Would you like to find and fix the source of your neck or back pain so you can be healthier and happier?

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Get relief from chronic neck and back pain with gentle Gonstead chiropractic adjustments.

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What if you could feel better, sleep better, move without pain, and have a higher level of energy ... all without meds or surgery?

Chronic pain has a way of turning us into monsters. It makes you exhausted, impatient, depressed and hopeless.

And the “cure” for chronic pain stinks, too: grit and bear it, get shots, or take pills. It’s terrible to think those are your only options.

But what people are finally realizing is that there’s a natural way to fix the problem of chronic pain. See, MOST chronic pain comes from pressure not the nerves–and it causes all these common problems:

    • Migraines
    • Sciatica
    • Lower back pain
    • Neck pain
    • Carpal tunnel
    • … (the list goes on and on …)

And that pressure stops the body from working the way it’s supposed to. Over time, it beats your body up … sometimes you can’t even remember what it feels like to NOT be in pain.

But chiropractic care can release pressure from the nerves naturally. These precise and gentle movements take pressure off your nerves, and allow your body to heal, so you can start feeling like yourself again.

  1. You know how braces shift the teeth back into place?  Chiropractic adjustments are similar in that they shift the spine back into correct alignment
  2. Correct alignment releases pressure from the nerves, bringing relief from chronic and acute pain
  3. Once those nerves heal, the body begins to work the way it should

Don’t let chronic pain hold you back from living a happy, healthy life. You aren’t meant to live with chronic pain. 

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The Gonstead method provides the most personalized and specific type of chiropractic care. Dr. Martin is the only Gonstead Chiropractor in Durham, NC.

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